Gone are the days where consumers wouldn't pay for access to content online, especially if that content is superior in quality and helps deliver an online experience that draws members back again and again. Whether you are a company that already has a rich catalog of content or an industry expert who is ready to share your knowledge with the world, we're here to help. The strategy for building a multi-faceted online community is not complicated, but experienced planning is critical if membership is to grow and members are to remain happy and willing to renew.

We take a three phase approach to developing and launching new content-based membership sites. Here's how we do it:

Phase 1: Discovery

We'll delve deep into what makes your content vertical tick: demographics, industry size, leaders & competitors, and an analysis of your own brand(s) so that we have a mutual, comprehensive understanding of the landscape and how we want to position your business.

Phase 2: Planning

We'll work with you to develop a content strategy for positioning your content at the front of the pack, working through your product and content release strategy, digital platforming, eCommerce options, revenue and profit models, and company valuation strategy.

Phase 3: Implementation

This is where it gets really fun. It's time to take your new membership site to market. We'll help put together your launch strategy and then make sure that you're fully equipped with a fully-functioning digital infrastructure to ensure a smooth and exhilarating launch. With real-time reporting and metrics, together we'll be able to adapt quickly to the needs of your customers, pivoting quickly to take advantage of every opportunity.


Building a healthy audience for your content is all about building relationships. And the key to a healthy, long-term relationship is TRUST. Content cannot stand on its own. It has to be delivered at the right time, to the right audience, on the right platform, with the right value proposition. These four elements: quality content + target audience + smooth experience + high value are the pillars of a successful content-driven marketing business.

There are some tried and true best practices with building content-heavy websites and our out-of-the-box solution will have all the necessary components to make sure our conversion architecture is top notch. But when it comes to audience, needs differ. There is no magic formula - except to listen, test, listen, test, and then listen and test again. Online communities are made up real people, real problems, real conversations and website infrastructure must be versatile so that it can react to the needs of the people who use it. That's what we do.

We start with the core best practices and them modify our sites to meet the functional needs of our users as well as the needs of the business. Your site will have both the required architecture to support your business objectives as well as the aesthetic and versatility to appeal and react to the ever-changing demands of your consumers.