This is the final step of the transaction funnel. Guess what? It's also the most important. It's most important because is is the ultimate barometer for measuring the value of your content and the effectiveness of your marketing.

There are many techniques for driving a profitable direct-to-consumer marketing channel, but the four key steps are these:

1. Attract

2. Register

3. Retain

4. Convert

The top three steps are all about audience development. But the fourth step - conversion -  is obviously where the rubber hits the road form a revenue standpoint.. Whether you are driving to your own eCommerce store or to a 3rd party partner this is the part of the equation that allows you to turn your marketing department into a profit center.

Throughout our years working for companies of all sizes, we've built dozens of successful eCommerce websites and can help you optimize yours to maximize conversion rates, average order values and drive repeat purchases. 

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